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Advantages of Sunsul Technology.


  • Sulphur Cools down very slow the system can produce power after the sunset, even in complete darkness for 4-7 hours. Using other technology development such as additional internal hydrogen generator the system can achive 24 hour operation.
  • Sulphur can reach high temperature because of chemical reaction resulting in more efficiency & capacity factor.
  • Filling process is a one step as at the end of the cycle, S2 becomes S8 again, restarting the action all over again.
  • Compared to traditional Thermo Solar, Sulphur is environmentally friendly and does not damage system parts whereas both salted water & oil are not harmful to the environment but the system as well as it results in corrosion, deposition etc.
  • Requires lesser footprint then PV & Thermo System.
  • It can operate as an open system where S2 can be taken out and sold to rubber industry at a good price, in which case S8 will need to be refilled, which is an industrial waste material.