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Sunsul Technology - Electric Amplification System (EAS)

Sunsul Technology System

A breakthrough in renewable and eco-friendly source of energy generation,
Sunsul Technology consists of a Tower, a Dish, Dish focus actuator, solar heat collector, High temperature Piping, Heat exchanger, Heat exchanger coils, Steam Piping, Steam Turbine, Generator, Steam Condensing Tank, Sulphur Condensing Tank, S8 Expansion Tank, Pump with check Valves and Solar Dish Mirror.

The System operates using S8, which is an industrial waste material. Heat, generated form Solar Heat Collector converts this S8 into S2 which in turn releases immense amount of energy. This energy creates extreme high heat of approx. 900 degree Celsius. High temperature piping transfers this massive heat to water and the steam thus produced runs the turbines and the generator. The Sulphur used in Sunsul System Prototype cools down very slowly and the system can thus produce power even after the sunset. Using other technological development such as additional internal hydrogen generator, the Sunsul system can achieve 24 hour operation.

Sunsul Technology offers some great advantages over the conventional Solar PV energy generation. It produces a higher efficient, that is, 60% as compared to 18% efficiency of Solar PV, thus resulting in cost effectiveness.