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Company Overview

Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited (NGPCL) has collaborated with Fakon Limited of Hungary to bring this brilliant new and innovative technological concept in India called the EAS, Electric Amplification System. NGPCL is a part of Navrattan Group formed in the year 2000 under the able guidance of Mr. Himanshu Verma, the CMD of Navrattan Group. Navrattan Group has four verticals dedicated to environment and entertainment. Navrattan is the first and the only of its kind venture in India to welcome a totally new, revolutionary and radical technology for generation of electricity. This technology, that is, Electric Amplification System (EAS) can produce incredible amounts of electricity without a constant feed stock of fossil fuels, atomic energy or hydro powered means. It can recycle its own energy feed stock in a closed loop system.

Navrattan Office

One of the objective of this invention is to provide a novel method of operating a regenerative signaling system so as to obtain amplification in a more efficient manner than has formerly been possible. A prototype of this completely new technology in clean energy production is located in Europe and produces 63KW of voltage with absolutely no air, water or land pollution. Under exclusive technology transfer agreement, Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited is all set to bring this technology in India. Through the kind efforts of Mr. Himanshu Verma , the first-of-its-kind EAS Closed Loop System will be set up in Punjab, India. Being an industry friendly government with the literacy rate of 77%, Punjab offers rich and abundant pool of talent. With the conducive environment for business growth, the state enjoys excellent industry-labor relations.