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Sunsul Technology Prototype Unit in Hungary

Hungary Setup

A Prototype EAS closed loop unit producing 63KW of energy was the first-of-its-kind pilot project implemented in Hungary. The project was successfully implemented in a duration of 6 months and is a 100% Green Project. The system emits absolutely no air pollution, water pollution or land pollution. The system runs on soft water and the technology is patented by FAKON Vállalkozási Kft.

Florida Commercial Prototype

A 1-1.5 MW capacity commercial prototype is being installed in Florida which is expected to complete before March 2015. The expected efficient of this commercial prototype is 60%. One the completion of the project a 30 day run certificate based on testing and licensing has to be obtained from Florida state government post with the same commercial prototype will be installed and Punjab, India.

Budapest Commercial Project

The 12.5-15 MW capacity commercial prototype unit to be manufactured in Budapest is anticipated to be commissioned in the next 18 months. The unit is assured to be pollution free and is expected to produce 80% efficiency. Post completion a 30 day run certificate will be issued by Hungarian government based on testing and licensing. Post Run Certificate, the same Commercial Unit will be shifted & installed in Punjab.