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Himanshu Verma, CMD

Spearheading new business initiatives, Himanshu Verma, the founder and chairman of Navrattan Group is a driving force in the group’s expansion and diversification. Devoted to welcoming and acquiring proprietary rights in the technology for commercial exploitation and boosting the development of an economy by identifying inventions which have exponential potential, Himanshu Verma has helped each vertical stand firmly alone.

Laszlo Pakh, Fakon Limited

NGPCL has collaborated with FAKON LIMITED of Hungary and is all set to set-up a commercial prototype of EAS in Punjab, India under an exclusive technology transfer agreement. Founded in 1990 , FAKON is one of the largest enterprises of Hungary. FAKON Limited has invented a breakthrough technology in the field of electricity generation which shall change the future of electricity generation world-wide through the use of solar power called “Electric Amplification System (EAS)”.